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Living Life in Oblivion……

September 11, 2011

Living a life in oblivion, totally disconnected from the "other side" can be fun, heck, it can be TOTALLY fantastic, exciting, thrilling, and AMAZING! But when things get bad, that is when we start to look to the "other side" for help.

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Ribbon Cutting into my new life’s work……

September 03, 2011

My ribbon cutting into the work I am being quickly propelled into finally happened. My dad and I received an email from our pastor's wife 3 days ago and she asked my dad and I to stay away from one of the ladies that is part of the congregation..............

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What People Are Saying

I am the type of person who can ONLY meditate if I am guided and I need to be in a group or I get bored, my mind strays, and I just get up and start doing somthing else. I downloaded Marisa’s FREE meditation here after going to one of her Group sessions in Carlsbad and OH MY GOSH I am addicted!

I have now downloaded almost ALL of her meditations and at night I look forward to popping my head phones in and being taken to a far off land to meet with my guides, angels and she even has recordings that connect us with our LOVED ONES in heaven and she does it in a way that is SAFE! I am not an intuitive person or very visual so for me to be able to see the things I have been seeing is a MIRACLE!

She has taught me that I too can see and communicate with…

Marisa is such a gift to all those whose paths bring them to her. I see her consistently touch those who work with her in ways that profoundly change their lives. Personally speaking, my life has transformed in the year that I have been working with Marisa. She is such a clear channel in allowing my amazing guides to communicate their loving guidance, and she has taught me that I too can see and communicate with this high vibrational spiritual support team. I came from a place of not knowing anything about this other dimensional reality, and now not only am I a believer, but it has changed my life, my perspective, my sense of Self and strength of purpose. Marisa is a highly gifted Intuitive and Healer. She delivers spiritual messages from a place of sincere humility, purity of heart and perceptive wisdom that cuts through illusive walls.

-Kim – Ocean Beach, CA

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