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My Story written for “ANSWERS” ~ Heaven Speaks

Bridging the Gap between Christianity and Spirituality

Marisa’s Introduction

When we started this book a little over a year ago, the guides came in while I was doing a Reiki reading on my dad and told us that he would be writing a book. They said that it would help raise the vibration of the planet. They said FIRST and FOREMOST the reason for their coming in to give answers to his questions was to educate him so that he would not have to worry about what it was that I was doing now that I had become a healer, a channel, and a medium. They told him that he would be a kindergartener learning quantum physics. When chatting with him about the understanding I had (which was about a third-grade education), I realized that they (the guides) had a tough road ahead of them.

I have been told by several spiritual teachers that a nice thing about my beliefs is that they come directly from the information my guides have given me. Yes, I was raised sort of Christian, but a child always knows what their parents do and do not believe, regardless of what they are told. I knew my parents didn’t really know or believe in God. I could see that my mom was against religion because she was raised super-religious and was not even allowed to play cards or she would go to Hell. So that was my take on religion.

I had friends that went to youth group and that was fun, but it was just a good reason to have a social night out during the school week. Eventually my dad didn’t allow me to go to them for that exact reason. I was getting home much too late on a school night.

When I began working with my first REAL spiritual teacher, who I later partnered up with and began teaching with, he loved that I was a clear channel in regards to religious beliefs because I didn’t have ANY. I had not read the Bible, I saw it as a big book of rhymes in an old language that was not understandable. I didn’t know anyone from any other religion other than a few friends who I grew up with in grade school that were Jewish, and a handful of Mormon friends so I really had no reference to form any beliefs.


My teacher enjoyed the fact that I could get information from the guides without throwing my intellectual, emotional, or egoic thought patterns into what my higher self and guides were sharing with us. Because of this, he encouraged me to channel about these things that I wanted answers to, so I did.

The guides began coming in with AMAZING information about all the levels of Heaven, where people go when they die, where pets go, what reincarnation is all about, what Hell is, they even started talking about all the physical layers of the earth and relative dimensions. It was mind-blowing that information like this was coming through my mouth or through the pen that I was writing with while doing automatic writing (which is a form of physical mediumship).

The information they came in with was quite clear and the messages that they portrayed were astonishing. I was hooked and needed to know more. At this point I began getting curious and looking up some of these things that they would share with me and realized that many of the concepts matched different religions throughout the world. The concepts did not match one religion only, but pretty much covered about three or four primary ones. I was BEYOND FASCINATED.

This is when I started talking to my dad about the information coming in. Although by that point I was a believer in Christ Consciousness, and I understood that Jesus was a human that carried the soul of Christ and came to teach us to not only do as he did here as a human but also when we cross to the other side to strive to be like Christ as well. Even though I believed all of this, for some reason, all my dad’s STRONG semi-closed-minded Christian questions would get to me, and I realized why after praying and meditating about it. It’s because I was attaching his questions to an experience we had with our church. He explains the whole ordeal later in the book. Even though we had an experience with a pastor’s wife that soured me to the church for a brief period of time, it never once made me bitter toward Christ. I knew that the people judging us were just scared because they did not understand. They were more willing to close their eyes and turn their backs on my poor dad and go about their lives. If anything is a true sin, then a pastor turning his back on a man who was part of his church and a personal friend for twenty-five years while his daughter was “being possessed by the devil” would be that sin.

So, anyway, back to my dad’s Christian questions bugging me. I felt that this book should NOT be religious in ANY way and that it should portray these new-found teachings from the guides in that “all are one and one are all.” There are no religions in spirit. They are all manmade. The information that has been given to me by my higher self and guides has been given to countless other humans. We all hear it in different ways and translate it to others based of who we are, what we know and our conditioning. This is why there are so many different translations of the same thing.

The hope of the guides, my dad, and I was to publish a book that would allow people from all religions to see that we are all talking about the same thing! We are all talking about God the creator, the personality of god (Christ) and US, the spirit or child of our Higher Self and our soul who is a piece of our Oversoul and ultimately Christ/Source Energy/God. (My dad simplifies this subject greatly later in the book) We are spirits living in human bodies. Whether religion believes the savior has returned to earth or not, it does not matter. It is still the same core belief.

That was my hope. It was my hope to bring all this new information to the people that ask me about these topics every day in sessions. I can only do two sessions a day with out wiping myself out, but I do twelve a week. Each session brings new and exciting experiences and information. The things I experience while in light trance are things that I could never have even imagined just five years ago. The things said and the education they give us is MIND BLOWING! These amazing things and the knowledge behind these bring peace to so many. To me, that is AN AMAZING GIFT and blessing all in itself!

I personally have really only lost one person that I was EXTREMELY close to when I got into this stuff, so I had no real fascination with connecting to and talking to “deceased loved ones”. I was happy just knowing that the person I lost was okay. So, when people started to come to see me because their father had died and they wanted to know where he was, I was VERY hesitant, but agreed to try and help. In doing this, I have learned tons of fascinating facts about the other side. This is also what I wanted to share it in a book.

When my dad sent me the draft for this book, I just slapped my forehead, and thought, “He made it religious, all that info they gave and it’s about Christianity”. After reading further, I warmed up to it a bit. It was not until I started to allow my Christian clients to read the book and saw the changes they experienced did I start to get excited about it.

I think our next book will go a bit deeper into all of the information about the other side, but as I have told my close family, who knows? I know that my dad needed to write this book in order to understand that he is not doing anything evil by learning so much about the other side. He would like to try to convince other Christians out there who are much like how he was, lost and confused by what the church was teaching. He wants to prove to those, like himself, HOW God can hear them, and how God can be a part of their lives with out feeling guilt or shame for not being perfect.

My dad has so much religious dogma ground into his mind. Even when I see the excitement in his eyes because the guides are answering the age-old questions that no one else can answer, he still has hesitation. His fear is that something evil may have or will creep in to tell us lies. This is especially the case when the guides come in with something that he doesn’t understand or agree with, says that the Bible is not word-for-word correct, or that something MORE than what was recorded in the Bible happened. It totally freaks him out, so dedicating this book to his comfort is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I hope it helps many others who also have the same fears. (Like the rest of my family other than my mom, brother, and dad, that is.)

I see the light bulb turn on above people’s heads every day when I explain to them what the guides have shared about the structure of God, Christ, Spirit, Source, etc. It’s like these people have spent their whole life wanting to be “good” and saying they were believers, but when they are told what my Higher Self said to me on Easter of 2011, (story told later in book) it’s like it all makes sense to them. The energy that I see around them almost immediately turns into relief. IT’S SO AWESOME it gives me the chills as I write this! I almost cry when I tell the story because it was such a huge day in my life. I am told after people leave our session that they, too, have a changed life! I believe that a big part of the reason is because they now have proof that there is someone or something out there watching after them, listening to their prayers, and taking action in their lives, and that they don’t have to be alone, EVER!

Marisa Moris/Daughter

Christ Centered Mediums…. YES, we do we exist!! :) :)

A medium just like myself has a blog and I stumbled upon it tonight after having a long channeling session with Papa and our 2 spirit guides that are helping us write our book about who we are, where we came from, who God is, who the Devil is and where we are going after we “die”…. This blog literally takes the words right out of our guides mouths to the point that I am going to write to her and ask if we possibly have the same guide. Seriously, there are parts that are word for word…. AMAZING!

Her name is Valerie Renee and I am sure you can google her and her web site will pop up. I am in no way taking from her what she has written, this is more of a display of the wise words she has written to explain something that I am questioned with almost everyday as a Medium who believes in Christ. Please enjoy!
With Love and Light,
Marisa 🙂

I have been questioned by many with a firm belief in Christ as to why I would choose to be a medium. These people usually end up telling me that what I do is witchcraft. I would like to start off by addressing this, before I go into the things I discussed with my friend.

I am not a witch. I do not conjure spirit. The spirits simply tend to come to me, and so do the people. I pray to the God I always have, and have a very strong faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I pray to God and ask only that his will be done, before I do anything to help anyone as a psychic, healer, or medium. I have the gift of healing and the gift of discernment of spirits. Still, I must test the spirits that come to me, just as the Bible says we must. 1 John 4:1. I must do this every time, because the devil is so deceptive, he can pretend to be anyone of the light. But a fallen angel or demon can not profess the name of Jesus without anger surfacing. So, when they are tested, they are unable to fool us.

There are people referred to in modern times as mediums who are not witches and very much have Christ in their hearts who see and hear spirits all the time. God allows this, and it is referred to in 1 Corinthians 12 (4-11) as discernment of spirits in a list of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit. The names of things and their meaning changes over time, so we just do not walk around in modern times saying, “I have the gift of discernment of spirits.”

It is funny that I have had many Christians tell me that I can not be a Christian if I am a medium, because they claim it is witchcraft, but the witches in turn, have told me that I can not possibly communicate with the spirit world if I believe in Christ. So, where do I fit in? Most the time, I don’t, but I am at least following God’s commands to me, and I believe in Christ’s love and divine mercy with all my heart, therefore, I am a Christian, whether others believe I am or not.

I would say to be forwarned though. There are people with spiritual gifts on both sides. So, while we use the term medium for all of them in modern times, there are good mediums who do their works by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, but there are also mediums who are working for the other side, sometimes not even aware that is what they are doing. Those mediums are led by evil and tend to be the ones who claim all is well and that there is no devil or evil does not exist. They fill us with pretty lies and deceptions, much like the devil, whose greatest achievement has been to make people believe he does not exist, so they could be led to sin easier. The fallen angels are very real, and we are at spiritual war with them. They do not play fair and they do not play honestly. Always be cautious when a medium tells you there is no evil, because evil is very much alive.

The fallen ones (demons) were cast down by God when they sided with Lucifer (the devil). They chose a full seperation from God and the light. Therefore, they do not get the opportunity we do to come to this earth and learn lessons, and grow and become more like God. When they turned away from God, they lost this opportunity, and so, they are angry and want to keep as many of us as they can from our own spiritual growth. They will stop at nothing and use any form of trickery they can to make that happen. The fallen ones, simply want to keep us from returning to our Heavenly Father. They want to make us more like them, by causing us to lose our connection to God. They will do this in many ways.

People seem to believe when you die that you simply just go to “Heaven or Hell”, but judgement day has yet to come, so which kingdom of heaven we will go to has not been decided yet. Hell is more of a lack of being with God, or having a connection to God. There are spirits who suffer this terrible fate, and do not have to, but all of them have chosen to do so, and not because God does not want them. God always wants his children back.

Some hauntings are in fact, spirits in hell, because they have not moved on to the light. Some of them do not realize or understand that they have died. Those spirits, are in fact ones that can get out of their personal hell by moving on to the light, which is something I try to help many spirits to do. Hell is in fact, to be disconnected from God. When we are here in these bodies, we have that light within us. That light is God, or a part of God. It keeps us always connected to God in life, even when we, as silly people, choose to reject him. It is why we can never feel completely alone. Imagine death and losing that light though, and not returning to the source of that light, God. Imagine not feeling his presence, and not being able to sense any souls that are of the light. It is a painful existence for many lost souls. My reason for getting involved in the paranormal is to help those souls.

Sometimes, the devil tries to get control of people often by getting them to kill themselves, because physical death is the only way to disconnect them completely from God. To get them to lose their light, and then block them from returning to that source, light, God. Suicide does not mean a soul can not return to God, but sadly, the same demons who will convince someone to end their life, often fight to keep those souls trapped, by not letting them go to the light. This does not mean God does not want those souls back, but the longer the soul does not go to the light, the more difficult it is for any soul who is of the light to get through to that soul which has not moved on. I am often used as a go between, because I can communicate with both sets of souls, even though the souls in darkness do not recognise the souls in light, and again, I have been given the ability to help those souls get back to the loving arms of our Heavenly Father and regain their light.

I am simply a go between or a translator for many sides, because while we are all right there, we are in different dimensions, and somehow, God has given me the ability to communicate with all of them.

As a medium, yes, I can indeed communicate with the dead, and help loved ones to be in contact. This can be healing, and often lead to both the spirit and the person being able to move on. Often times, spirits do not go to the light, because they are concerned with the grief of their loved ones here on earth. But again, they do not have that light anymore, so they are very alone, until they choose to return to God. So, spirits grow weary and want to go home, which is exactly where Heavenly Father wants them.

Some mediums are in fact evil and just acting on some other authority, and they too are spoken of in the Bible. I am acting on the authority of my Heavenly Father, and my spiritual mission is to help as many I can, both still living on earth, and those who have already died, to return to our Heavenly Parents. Sometimes those readings help, but there is so much I have to do outside of those readings.

We have a Father who loves us and in great mercy, sent Jesus Christ for us. The story of the prodigal son was told to make us understand this. Our Father wants us back, no matter the mistakes we have made. We came here to learn, but we will sin and make painful mistakes along the way. God gave us the commandments, just as we give our children rules, to try to prevent pain. But as parents we know that our children will sometimes learn a bad lesson by breaking those rules anyway. We too, sometimes break our Heavenly Father’s rules for us, given to help us avoid pain. It is important that we know that just as we still love our children when they mess up, and can forgive them with unconditional love, our Father in Heaven has that same unconditional love for us. He wants us to see that, and he always wants us to return to him, having seen the error to our ways.

Sadly we live in times where the devil is in everything. The spiritual war for our souls is stronger than ever. Those who are fallen angels lead a battle against us and our Lord, because they were cast down, and therefore, will never have bodies or the ability to grow like we do. They chose to turn away from God, and lost their chance to be as we are, with that light, and that strong connection to God. Since they can never have that, they are filled anger and hate, and they try to fill us with fear that will lead us astray to anger and hate as well. The fallen ones have put things in the mind of fearful men that have led to a world where sin surrounds us.

God simply allows this sin, and our free will to sin, because we need to learn our lessons. It is important to our growth and becoming more like God. Again, it is sort of like how we might warn our small child that if they do something, they will get hurt, but then we let them continue doing it when they do not head our warning, so they will learn their lesson when they get hurt. We then lovingly scoop that disobedient child right back up into our arms with love. God allows us to exercise our free will in hopes that we learn from our mistakes, and in the end, he waits for us with opened arms.

I hope that anyone who reads this understands. It does not matter what you have done, or how bad you feel about yourself for the sin you have committed and the mistakes you have made. Do not fall for lies of the devil. No matter what you have done, God still loves you, and God will always be there for you. He sent his son to die and lead the way to Heaven so you would have a chance for eternal life. Please accept that chance and look to the light when the confusing time of death reaches you. When you die, you will be able to return to the light and to God. God knew you before you were born and knew you would make mistakes along the way, but God allowed you to make those mistakes, hoping you would learn. In the end, you are just like everyone else, no matter what the sin. Please, let God into your heart, because that is where he truly belongs.

A message from my spirit guide Alana who pretended to be my higher self tisk tisk!

I was just reading through my journals that I have with the automatic writing from Alana and this entry caught my eye. I do not edit these because I have been taught that changing even one word that spirit channels through me may throw off the meaning completely. Therefore, please excuse the choppy grammar and spelling… Our spirit guides/angels may have wise things to say but spelling and grammar are not their strong suit! ha ha 🙂

Love always and forever,
Marisa 🙂

August 13, 2011
By: Alana (via Marisa)

I came in here it’s ever so far to live like I do where ever you are. I can not enter unless you do call and you can not enter with out us at all. We are inside, that it must seem, but really you are the one who is INside. We watch you as if you are in a small ball with options to handle like nothing at all. We watch as you teeter, stumble, and fall but LOVE YOU so dearly because each time you fall a lesson is added to each great and small….and then the whole world is taught once and for all. Each time you see that you are NOT ME we tend to digress and wish that you would see. We can not impress any much harder what was meant to be is already me. What you will find here is decisions not started but playing them out because they have already decided. We have watched and listened we have plotted and planned. You are to act out this plan called “life” and the experience you get from it is knowledge, emotion and feelings UNcharted. Those feelings which come from these simple plans can never be planned as once you are here you have not a hand in creating the life chart but what you can see is that loss of control is actually very empowering. You could never experience the emotions of unknowing the mystery of surprise at unexpected events the way that we feel them when physicality is started.

Living Life in Oblivion……

Living a life in oblivion, totally disconnected from the “other side” can be fun, heck, it can be TOTALLY fantastic, exciting, thrilling, and AMAZING! But when things get bad, that is when we start to look to the “other side” for help. We need that invisible love that we just can’t see from that man in the sky, or the angels playing their harps…… we need the UNconditional love from the divine to get us though.

The only problem with that is most people who believe in God, do not believe that he is a FORGIVING and an UNconditionally LOVING God unless we are “good”. They believe that their God judges, that he inflicts PAIN and suffering on “BAD” people. Maybe it’s just me but the God that a lot of people believe in doesn’t seem like a God at all to me…. he sounds like a human being. ONE fact that I think we can all agree on is that God is NOT a human being, right? So why does it make sense to give him human traits? I don’t get it.

I choose to believe that God loves us NO matter what and that God does not EVER inflict pain on us. Everything that happens to us is by our own doing. I believe that we have complete control of our own lives but I also know that we do have God inside of us for guidance 24/7….. Kind of like an “internal GPS”. I chose not to use that GPS for 31 years of my life. I have learned now, that by using this piece of God inside me that I am the happiest I have ever been and everything just seems to fit perfectly.

I know now each of us is a soul living a human experience and that each soul has a voice. That voice is our Intuition… We all have Intuition, we all get “gut” feelings, we all have “hunches” that come true. The faster we all learn to hear and trust our intuition, the better our lives will be!

But hey! To each his own…. I am not here to push beliefs on anyone….. I am just sharing my experiences in hopes that someone like me out there will find me and learn from me…. LOL! Did that make sense? For the me’s out there that are reading this, I know you will know what I am saying. ha ha!

Okay…… Until next time!

Blessings and Love,
Marisa 🙂

Ribbon Cutting into my new life’s work……

My ribbon cutting into the work I am being quickly propelled into finally happened. My dad and I received an email from our pastor’s wife 3 days ago and she asked my dad and I to stay away from one of the ladies that is part of the congregation…………..

Well… hold on, let me start from the beginning…..About a month ago, when I was at church with my dad, I received a message from this woman’s recently departed husband to let her know that he is in heaven with Jesus, he loves her, and will see her when she gets to heaven. Because I had no idea who the lady was or if she even lost a husband, I told my dad about it. He was shocked that I could have known that, so he pulled the pastor’s wife to the side so that we could explain what had happened. She discouraged us from saying anything to the woman so we dropped it, no big deal.

The next week, my dad ran into this woman again at another local church and he felt it was right to tell this woman about what his daughter (me) had seen and heard that day after service. The woman broke into happy tears, so relieved that her beloved husband of 30 years was able to get the message to her. She explained to my dad that before passing her husband said to her, “No matter what happens, I will find a way to get the message to you that I am okay when I get to heaven with Jesus.”

The fact that my dad had this sudden need to tell her what I saw was explained right there and then. Her husband was working with his angels/guides, his wife’s angels/guides, and my dad’s to orchestrate this meeting between them so that the message he promised could be delivered. Because of that she would no longer be worried about what happened to him and where he went. Would she miss him? Of course! But because of what my dad had just told her, she was not worried anymore. She was thrilled and completely relieved!

The next week, my dad told the pastor at our church about what happened and he was exhilarated to hear the news. I was not there but my dad says he began quoting bible verses that support all the things I have started to see since coming to believe. He asked my dad to invite me to church the following week so he could ask me some questions and get some insight into what I was experiencing. Our pastor was excited to say the least.

Five days later is when we got the email from the pastors wife. Apparently after hearing from her husband (the pastor) about my dad telling the woman that her husband was in heaven with Jesus, she called her up immediately to meet for lunch. At lunch the pastor’s wife explained to the woman that what I said was fake, that I was lying, and that her husband really didn’t contact her. The pastor’s wife made her feel guilty for sinning by believing what my dad had told her about the message I got from her husband.

I am not upset because I am now a fake, a liar, and probably “satin” in the eyes of the pastor’s wife…… I am sad for the woman, because the message I got REALLY was the one he promised to send her when heaven with Jesus! Now she is confused and, literally, will not talk to me because she doesn’t want to be “bad”. (I can tell this is the reason… remember, I am Psychic I know these things) haha
I can tell she wants to reach out to my dad or me, but she is ashamed for wanting to believe what she was told. It’s all very sad. I pray that one day, she will get the courage to call my dad so that I can talk to her and explain that it is VERY possible to believe in Christ while believing in life after death. I know this because I was given this gift to “see” and “hear” the “other side” when I became a believer in the Christ Consciousness.

I was warned by others with some of the gifts that I have that I would need think skin to do this work….. I guess that now I have seen just how important that is going to be. Only problem is that I am not really a “thick skinned” type of person….. So, I guess we will just have to wait and see how things turn out, huh?

Until next time!

Sending LOTS of Love & Light your way!
Marisa 🙂

PS – This is NOTHING against religion, churches, pastors, or pastor’s wives. 🙂 I believe that religion is very important and needed by SO many. It plays a huge role in our lives and should not be discounted in anyway. My only thing is that in my eyes, all the religions (except a few crazy ones) are saying the same thing…. they are just saying it in a different way. SO my question is : Why can’t we all just get along?! 🙂