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Christ Centered Mediums…. YES, we do we exist!! :) :)

A medium just like myself has a blog and I stumbled upon it tonight after having a long channeling session with Papa and our 2 spirit guides that are helping us write our book about who we are, where we came from, who God is, who the Devil is and where we are going after we “die”…. This blog literally takes the words right out of our guides mouths to the point that I am going to write to her and ask if we possibly have the same guide. Seriously, there are parts that are word for word…. AMAZING!

Her name is Valerie Renee and I am sure you can google her and her web site will pop up. I am in no way taking from her what she has written, this is more of a display of the wise words she has written to explain something that I am questioned with almost everyday as a Medium who believes in Christ. Please enjoy!
With Love and Light,
Marisa 🙂

I have been questioned by many with a firm belief in Christ as to why I would choose to be a medium. These people usually end up telling me that what I do is witchcraft. I would like to start off by addressing this, before I go into the things I discussed with my friend.

I am not a witch. I do not conjure spirit. The spirits simply tend to come to me, and so do the people. I pray to the God I always have, and have a very strong faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I pray to God and ask only that his will be done, before I do anything to help anyone as a psychic, healer, or medium. I have the gift of healing and the gift of discernment of spirits. Still, I must test the spirits that come to me, just as the Bible says we must. 1 John 4:1. I must do this every time, because the devil is so deceptive, he can pretend to be anyone of the light. But a fallen angel or demon can not profess the name of Jesus without anger surfacing. So, when they are tested, they are unable to fool us.

There are people referred to in modern times as mediums who are not witches and very much have Christ in their hearts who see and hear spirits all the time. God allows this, and it is referred to in 1 Corinthians 12 (4-11) as discernment of spirits in a list of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit. The names of things and their meaning changes over time, so we just do not walk around in modern times saying, “I have the gift of discernment of spirits.”

It is funny that I have had many Christians tell me that I can not be a Christian if I am a medium, because they claim it is witchcraft, but the witches in turn, have told me that I can not possibly communicate with the spirit world if I believe in Christ. So, where do I fit in? Most the time, I don’t, but I am at least following God’s commands to me, and I believe in Christ’s love and divine mercy with all my heart, therefore, I am a Christian, whether others believe I am or not.

I would say to be forwarned though. There are people with spiritual gifts on both sides. So, while we use the term medium for all of them in modern times, there are good mediums who do their works by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, but there are also mediums who are working for the other side, sometimes not even aware that is what they are doing. Those mediums are led by evil and tend to be the ones who claim all is well and that there is no devil or evil does not exist. They fill us with pretty lies and deceptions, much like the devil, whose greatest achievement has been to make people believe he does not exist, so they could be led to sin easier. The fallen angels are very real, and we are at spiritual war with them. They do not play fair and they do not play honestly. Always be cautious when a medium tells you there is no evil, because evil is very much alive.

The fallen ones (demons) were cast down by God when they sided with Lucifer (the devil). They chose a full seperation from God and the light. Therefore, they do not get the opportunity we do to come to this earth and learn lessons, and grow and become more like God. When they turned away from God, they lost this opportunity, and so, they are angry and want to keep as many of us as they can from our own spiritual growth. They will stop at nothing and use any form of trickery they can to make that happen. The fallen ones, simply want to keep us from returning to our Heavenly Father. They want to make us more like them, by causing us to lose our connection to God. They will do this in many ways.

People seem to believe when you die that you simply just go to “Heaven or Hell”, but judgement day has yet to come, so which kingdom of heaven we will go to has not been decided yet. Hell is more of a lack of being with God, or having a connection to God. There are spirits who suffer this terrible fate, and do not have to, but all of them have chosen to do so, and not because God does not want them. God always wants his children back.

Some hauntings are in fact, spirits in hell, because they have not moved on to the light. Some of them do not realize or understand that they have died. Those spirits, are in fact ones that can get out of their personal hell by moving on to the light, which is something I try to help many spirits to do. Hell is in fact, to be disconnected from God. When we are here in these bodies, we have that light within us. That light is God, or a part of God. It keeps us always connected to God in life, even when we, as silly people, choose to reject him. It is why we can never feel completely alone. Imagine death and losing that light though, and not returning to the source of that light, God. Imagine not feeling his presence, and not being able to sense any souls that are of the light. It is a painful existence for many lost souls. My reason for getting involved in the paranormal is to help those souls.

Sometimes, the devil tries to get control of people often by getting them to kill themselves, because physical death is the only way to disconnect them completely from God. To get them to lose their light, and then block them from returning to that source, light, God. Suicide does not mean a soul can not return to God, but sadly, the same demons who will convince someone to end their life, often fight to keep those souls trapped, by not letting them go to the light. This does not mean God does not want those souls back, but the longer the soul does not go to the light, the more difficult it is for any soul who is of the light to get through to that soul which has not moved on. I am often used as a go between, because I can communicate with both sets of souls, even though the souls in darkness do not recognise the souls in light, and again, I have been given the ability to help those souls get back to the loving arms of our Heavenly Father and regain their light.

I am simply a go between or a translator for many sides, because while we are all right there, we are in different dimensions, and somehow, God has given me the ability to communicate with all of them.

As a medium, yes, I can indeed communicate with the dead, and help loved ones to be in contact. This can be healing, and often lead to both the spirit and the person being able to move on. Often times, spirits do not go to the light, because they are concerned with the grief of their loved ones here on earth. But again, they do not have that light anymore, so they are very alone, until they choose to return to God. So, spirits grow weary and want to go home, which is exactly where Heavenly Father wants them.

Some mediums are in fact evil and just acting on some other authority, and they too are spoken of in the Bible. I am acting on the authority of my Heavenly Father, and my spiritual mission is to help as many I can, both still living on earth, and those who have already died, to return to our Heavenly Parents. Sometimes those readings help, but there is so much I have to do outside of those readings.

We have a Father who loves us and in great mercy, sent Jesus Christ for us. The story of the prodigal son was told to make us understand this. Our Father wants us back, no matter the mistakes we have made. We came here to learn, but we will sin and make painful mistakes along the way. God gave us the commandments, just as we give our children rules, to try to prevent pain. But as parents we know that our children will sometimes learn a bad lesson by breaking those rules anyway. We too, sometimes break our Heavenly Father’s rules for us, given to help us avoid pain. It is important that we know that just as we still love our children when they mess up, and can forgive them with unconditional love, our Father in Heaven has that same unconditional love for us. He wants us to see that, and he always wants us to return to him, having seen the error to our ways.

Sadly we live in times where the devil is in everything. The spiritual war for our souls is stronger than ever. Those who are fallen angels lead a battle against us and our Lord, because they were cast down, and therefore, will never have bodies or the ability to grow like we do. They chose to turn away from God, and lost their chance to be as we are, with that light, and that strong connection to God. Since they can never have that, they are filled anger and hate, and they try to fill us with fear that will lead us astray to anger and hate as well. The fallen ones have put things in the mind of fearful men that have led to a world where sin surrounds us.

God simply allows this sin, and our free will to sin, because we need to learn our lessons. It is important to our growth and becoming more like God. Again, it is sort of like how we might warn our small child that if they do something, they will get hurt, but then we let them continue doing it when they do not head our warning, so they will learn their lesson when they get hurt. We then lovingly scoop that disobedient child right back up into our arms with love. God allows us to exercise our free will in hopes that we learn from our mistakes, and in the end, he waits for us with opened arms.

I hope that anyone who reads this understands. It does not matter what you have done, or how bad you feel about yourself for the sin you have committed and the mistakes you have made. Do not fall for lies of the devil. No matter what you have done, God still loves you, and God will always be there for you. He sent his son to die and lead the way to Heaven so you would have a chance for eternal life. Please accept that chance and look to the light when the confusing time of death reaches you. When you die, you will be able to return to the light and to God. God knew you before you were born and knew you would make mistakes along the way, but God allowed you to make those mistakes, hoping you would learn. In the end, you are just like everyone else, no matter what the sin. Please, let God into your heart, because that is where he truly belongs.

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I am the type of person who can ONLY meditate if I am guided and I need to be in a group or I get bored, my mind strays, and I just get up and start doing somthing else. I downloaded Marisa’s FREE meditation here after going to one of her Group sessions in Carlsbad and OH MY GOSH I am addicted!

I have now downloaded almost ALL of her meditations and at night I look forward to popping my head phones in and being taken to a far off land to meet with my guides, angels and she even has recordings that connect us with our LOVED ONES in heaven and she does it in a way that is SAFE! I am not an intuitive person or very visual so for me to be able to see the things I have been seeing is a MIRACLE!

She has taught me that I too can see and communicate with…

Marisa is such a gift to all those whose paths bring them to her. I see her consistently touch those who work with her in ways that profoundly change their lives. Personally speaking, my life has transformed in the year that I have been working with Marisa. She is such a clear channel in allowing my amazing guides to communicate their loving guidance, and she has taught me that I too can see and communicate with this high vibrational spiritual support team. I came from a place of not knowing anything about this other dimensional reality, and now not only am I a believer, but it has changed my life, my perspective, my sense of Self and strength of purpose. Marisa is a highly gifted Intuitive and Healer. She delivers spiritual messages from a place of sincere humility, purity of heart and perceptive wisdom that cuts through illusive walls.

-Kim – Ocean Beach, CA

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