A Snowglobe Election- Ask yes no questions and heal anything you put into the lit up Snowglobe!

It’s Cyber Monday, and who doesn’t love a good deal? This year we are doing something that sold out in ONE HOUR in 2018 so in light of the Emotional Condition of the world today we thought… WHY NOT?  Let’s do it again but this time we need to state right now that if you are not in the United States the shipping may add charges due to shipping. SO with out FURTHER ADIEU here is a NEW Special on our all time CLASSIC “Snowglobe heal me now!” snowglobe bundled with a bunch of goodies for your holiday energy clearing needs!

SO here it is… The Miracle Creating Snow Globe Bundle where you will receive:

A Skeptics Guide to The Snowglobe (Aka Skeptics guide to Your Spiritual Credit Score and one of the last 20 ORIGINAL Programmed to heal you when you touch the Book.  Marisa and Joe Moris’s Best selling world-known award-winning book, The Snow Globe.

  1. (1) Instant download for The Snowglobe by Marisa and Joe Moris ($15)
  2. (1) Instant download Ebook in EPUB or PDF format of The Snowglobe  Downloadable readable version ($15 value)
  3. (1) Instant download for A Skeptics Guide to Your Spiritual Credit Score ($15)
  4. (1) Instant download Ebook in EPUB or PDF format of The Skeptics Guide to YOur Spiritual Credit Score ($15 value)
  5. 1 Snowglobe Tutorial made specifically for this special and for the 2020 elections
  6. A Miracle Creation Snowglobe with Permanently Programmed Water inside and frequency charged Laser lights that heal whomever the Snowglobe is intended to represent. (Snowglobe = 25 value Attunement to each customer individually $300 value)

IF, you wish to add on an extra Snow globe for each child or family member please click here to add for only $50 each.

This awesome bundle will help you get through these VERY strange and emotionally charged days while some of you are locked down, others are not.  Some of you are protesting and others are not. Some are in fear for your life and others are snubbing their nose at the sickness. Either way there is more bully energy on the planet than there was in WWII and its being done unconsciously and programming the subconscious mind to not feel safe and rather than feel courage many feel fear induced anger that appears as confidence when in reality it is the strongest fear that can be felt.

These Magical Miracle Snow globes are not super expensive snowglobes you can drop them and they don’t crack like the snow globes grandma gave you when you were a kid.  They are meant to use, carry in your purse or in the car. My kids have one each next to their beds and at night we turn the lights on along with Twinkle twinkle little star by Jewel and by the time the lights have run their course and each of my kids have imagined throwing all their yucky feelings into the snowglobe they get tired then they get to list off 2 things they want as soon as the “light” will bring it to them.  They then visualize the toys they want going into the snowglobe and wait for them to dissove then they HAPPILY jump in bed. I tell them right before they lay down that if their spark or light is worried about anything having to do with Mommy or Daddy and the thing we need to do to tell me and we can all throw the worries in the snowglobe.  It usualy take 5 cycles though the lights which are about a minute each and it works like a charm. With these globes they can throw the monsters in the closet in it, My daughter will even get up and put the snoglobe in the closet at time because her closet creeps her out ( i dont blame her lol) My son holds his hands on the snowglobe when he sees it turn green and I ask hin where is spark is and where his light is. Every once in a while he will say his spark is in me or on the wall which means he is not in his body so I tell him to bring his spark and light and put them in the snowglobe then pull it up to where ever it feels and its always on his face, head, or his arm for some reason. Honestly I don’t know what it all means but I do know he is consistent and one day he will be able to talk to tell me what he is doing in the meantime, I get to enjoy both kids sleeping from 8 – 8 all night long because of the snow globe. When we do not do it and say a prayer instead they wake up all night long! I don’t know any more than my ability to program lights and also water at explained in DR Emoto’s messages in water book about programming our positive thoughts into the water we use for our plants, for our showers and baths and most importantly the water we in jest I am HUMBLED by the fact that The guides chose me and my dad to share this with the world. As Jesus said when I was channeling him in February 2012 “The Snowglobe sums up all of my teachings into one simple exercise. The snowglobe is going to save  the world from itself and all the emotions that will ultimately try to destroy mankind if we do not teach everyone how to kill that primal instinct we are born with.”

My miniature LED light Snow Globes that are usually $75 are you going to come with a $300 individualized attunement by me personally when you receive it.  You also get to Access to an instructional video on how to use the Snow Globe in a few different ways to clear your energy your children’s energy and clear the energy in your home in addition to manifest using it.

Initially designed for children I have found that the Snow Globe used as a tool is the easiest way for me as an intuition development teacher to teach clairvoyance. With this offer for $80, you’ll receive the Snow Globe and the Skeptics guide to spiritual credit score e-book and you’ll also receive our recently published audio version as automatic downloads when you purchase The Cyber Monday Bundle now.

To cut costs for you we will be ordering the snowglobes through Amazon and they will be shipped to you from them with in 2 days (unless another country). There will be instructions in the downloaded packet that comes with the links to you Ebooks, and your Audio files with the audio books as well as the instructional video. Marisa will need you to send a picture of the snow globe and pic a picture of whom ever you bought it for inside so that we can do the Quantum Attunement, it only takes an hour and you need not do anything other than initiate it with the picture inside and then text or email a picture of the globe with the picture in it with the Name and DOB inside the message so that she can attune it to the correct guides, angels and higher self of each person getting their own Miracle Creating, Magical Emotion Dissolving, light up Snowglobe!

This special ends on Election Day so get yours now and enjoy a calm home, calm children and a calm YOU even if your candidate does not win.  There will be several videos posted between now and Election day on how to use yoru snowglobe to vote and know WHO YOU TRULY want in office and most importantly how to emotionally disconnect from the person you voted for once they have either lost or won the election for President of the United States of America!

If you love our Hay House Published Best Selling Book ATTUNEMENT by Marisa and and you love learning about the souls journey through all the layers of Heaven in Answers Heaven Speaks by Joe and Marisa then you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Snow Globe and A skeptics guide to Your Spiritual Credit score (Being renamed to Skeptics guide to the Snowglobe.

Even the HIGHLY ADVANCED students that have trained for years are loving this book and using it as a textbook for their students in learning about energy and the world around us.

After reading the Snow Globe, world-renowned literary agent, publisher, and new york best selling author Bill Gladstone questions “the guides” through Marisa about her technique she co-created with her guides in 2011…

Bill strips away the use of the Christian and spiritual lingo used in The Snow Globe due to Joe being a Christian. Bill also asks questions that many have been left with after the short one hour read that the snow globe book is that is about developing your intuitive abilities, manifesting like a professional, and healing yourself and others like a professional healer.

Join Marisa and Bill in learning to see and understand the energies around us in a way that a 2nd grader could understand and with exercises that were designed for children. After developing these exercises for children Marisa realized that children do not need metaphors and visuals to clear their energy and see their guides but the parents did…. and the parents LOVED THE EXERCISES and so will you!



What People Are Saying

I am the type of person who can ONLY meditate if I am guided and I need to be in a group or I get bored, my mind strays, and I just get up and start doing somthing else. I downloaded Marisa’s FREE meditation here after going to one of her Group sessions in Carlsbad and OH MY GOSH I am addicted!

I have now downloaded almost ALL of her meditations and at night I look forward to popping my head phones in and being taken to a far off land to meet with my guides, angels and she even has recordings that connect us with our LOVED ONES in heaven and she does it in a way that is SAFE! I am not an intuitive person or very visual so for me to be able to see the things I have been seeing is a MIRACLE!

She has taught me that I too can see and communicate with…

Marisa is such a gift to all those whose paths bring them to her. I see her consistently touch those who work with her in ways that profoundly change their lives. Personally speaking, my life has transformed in the year that I have been working with Marisa. She is such a clear channel in allowing my amazing guides to communicate their loving guidance, and she has taught me that I too can see and communicate with this high vibrational spiritual support team. I came from a place of not knowing anything about this other dimensional reality, and now not only am I a believer, but it has changed my life, my perspective, my sense of Self and strength of purpose. Marisa is a highly gifted Intuitive and Healer. She delivers spiritual messages from a place of sincere humility, purity of heart and perceptive wisdom that cuts through illusive walls.

-Kim – Ocean Beach, CA

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