Why I do what I do....

My Why….

img-1676“If you are willing to learn and ready to Discover Your Higher Self… I am READY to TEACH YOU everything I know!”
~ Marisa

Thank you so much for visiting my site! I feel SOOO blessed to be doing what I do today, I REALLY REALLY do!! Because of that, I want to help others like me manifest their dreams, clear up the energy in their lives, and let go of the yucky past! My goal is to bring to all the “normal” and not so normal empaths, closet intuitives, unaware mediums, over sensitive psychics (takes one to know one), and even the experienced professional mediums, healers, and intuitives some amazing quantum healing techniques, multidimensional teachings, and SAFE accurate and precise white light based mediumship teachings in a way that is safe enough for a 2nd grader to do and SIMPLE enough for them to understand as well!

Just because something is complicated it does not mean that if someone understands it very well that they can’t teach it in a basic way…. that is my goal in all my teachings to understand so well that you can just learn the basics and have them be as effective as the complicated stuff….. actually MORE effective because then your mind is not in the way of your faith!

The time of intellectual spirituality is over… it’s time to, yes, understand divinity, quantum physics, quantum energy healing, intuition, the spirit world and the layers of creation and how we can use that to heal ourselves and others. But it’s time to ascend the mind and emotional body and get into the higher aspect of us that IS compassion, forgiveness, and humility… The Christ Consciousness is here, the earth has moved into a higher dimension and because of that we are ALL EMPATHS, we are ALL MEDIUMS, we are ALL PSYCHICS and we are all CHANNELS… what will you do with your new found or recently accelerated spiritual abilities?

Will you explain them away with anti anxiety medication, depression pills, substance abuse, weight gain, relationship issues, and unhappiness that you blame on yourself? Or….. will you begin to see that ever since December 12, 2012 everyone on the planet can now feel OTHER PEOPLE’S emotions and feelings and everyone can feel and if they want to, everyone can see spirit.
I hope to bring comfort and safety to those who want to turn those abilities to dormant and just live a happy life unaffected by other’s free flowing emotions by using simple exercises like THE SNOW GLOBE but I also hope to be a guide for those who want to dig deeper and develop these abilities…. I did not grow up like this… I developed all of the abilities I have today through hard work, patience, and a daily practice of mediation, self healing, and a 24/7 self awareness and willingness to call myself on my own patterns and behaviors, be WORNG (which has been really hard for this know it all) and be totally okay with it. (I am obviously not always successful with that! ha!)

It’s is time on this earth to get real! Many spiritual people are falling into the lower chakra version of spirituality and grasping onto anger at institutions, churches, the government for their unhappiness or for others unhappiness. The truth is we all planned these lives, we planned when we would come to this planet, we even knew who would be president and that there would be “chem trails” and GMOs…. it’s all part of the game that we call the earth experience. After all who would ever want to play a video game with no bad guys… that would be childs play and your soul is not a child… if you are on the planet today you are an old soul here to bring in the light to a world in a time where it is needed. Be the light that you need right now, be the light your family needs, do not give into anger…. Give into compassion, forgiveness, and humility the way someone 2000 years ago taught us. Begin to bring your awarness into your Creator Self each day by placing your hand on your heart. Then imagine you are between your hand and your heart. Allow your creator self to pull your awareness into your heart, through it, and then out behind your back. Your creator self is there ALL the time and waiting for you to give them permission to help you and waiting for you to bring your awareness into them and embody the truth wisdom and knowledge they bring. By allowing a higher self into your life you are not losing yourself to some being greater than you, they are merging into YOU to make you a much more wise, intuitive, amazing individual which is your divine right and your natural state of being!

God Bless!
Love, Marisa

What People Are Saying

I am the type of person who can ONLY meditate if I am guided and I need to be in a group or I get bored, my mind strays, and I just get up and start doing somthing else. I downloaded Marisa’s FREE meditation here after going to one of her Group sessions in Carlsbad and OH MY GOSH I am addicted!

I have now downloaded almost ALL of her meditations and at night I look forward to popping my head phones in and being taken to a far off land to meet with my guides, angels and she even has recordings that connect us with our LOVED ONES in heaven and she does it in a way that is SAFE! I am not an intuitive person or very visual so for me to be able to see the things I have been seeing is a MIRACLE!

She has taught me that I too can see and communicate with…

Marisa is such a gift to all those whose paths bring them to her. I see her consistently touch those who work with her in ways that profoundly change their lives. Personally speaking, my life has transformed in the year that I have been working with Marisa. She is such a clear channel in allowing my amazing guides to communicate their loving guidance, and she has taught me that I too can see and communicate with this high vibrational spiritual support team. I came from a place of not knowing anything about this other dimensional reality, and now not only am I a believer, but it has changed my life, my perspective, my sense of Self and strength of purpose. Marisa is a highly gifted Intuitive and Healer. She delivers spiritual messages from a place of sincere humility, purity of heart and perceptive wisdom that cuts through illusive walls.

-Kim – Ocean Beach, CA

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